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Auditory-Verbal Therapy

The earliest building blocks for literacy include listening to the spoken word and playing with the sounds of language. 

Auditory-Verbal Therapy at the Hamm Center is a family early intervention program. Through weekly hour-long one-on-one family centered Auditory-Verbal Therapy, families learn how to be conversational partners with their children, and how to apply what they learn into their homes so their children are able to experience literacy and language success in school and life.AV Therapy is designed to build a family’s skills as a conversational partner, as an advocate for their child - to keep hearing technology on every waking hour, search for resources, to connect families with others on a similar journey, and to ensure that a child’s auditory, speech, and language skills are developing at the rate that matches the extraordinary brain growth that occurs in all children between birth and age five. This team approach - weekly AV sessions AND valuable interactions between you and your child outside of the therapy session - make for language outcomes that are not only age-appropriate but also have children on a path to reading on grade level. 

Sessions are conducted in person or virtually. One of our in person options is our Jerry Sanders Auditory-Verbal Suite, an apartment within the Katherine Hamm Center that allows therapists to work with clients and their families in a setting that resembles a home. This approach helps provide families with practical tips for bringing what they learn home, to extend therapy to the conversations of everyday home life.

Contact Us to Learn More

Erica Jones

Erica Jones

Director, Katherine Hamm Center
Cindi Wright

Cindi Wright

Program Coordinator

The cost of therapy is $130/session.  Please contact Lillian Hornberger in our business office for information about Financial Aid.

Lillian Hornberger

Lillian Hornberger


AVT Staff

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