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Tailored Curriculum

By providing an environment to excel, focused on language and literacy, the KHC Preschool ensures its active and engaged learners are prepared for elementary school. 

Science tells us an intentional focus on literacy throughout your child’s preschool education maximizes the early growth of their reading brain. 

The Katherine Hamm Center Preschool emphasizes language and literacy across all curricula, with children learning the language of math, science, social studies, social interactions, and more.

As preschool children are immersed in robust conversations, guided play, language rich experiences, and are beginning to acquire the pre-literacy skills that lay the foundation for reading and writing, we ensure they are developing the complex vocabulary, critical thinking skills, empathetic awareness of the world around them in a culturally responsive community, and the executive functions that help them put it all together - this is what we mean when we talk about "construction of the Deep Reading Brain."

Warm, welcoming Hamm Center teachers hold advanced degrees, have expertise in early childhood development, and understand the science behind what is required to best prepare our youngest learners for everything that comes after preschool. Hamm Center teachers understand that the preschool years are the “power years” of childhood as the foundation laid between birth and age five fabricates the later years of life.

Typical Day

Students engage in meaningful activities to develop listening, language, articulation, pre-literacy, early math, science, and social studies skills. Thematic experiences envelop children in rich vocabulary critical for reading.


All day, every day, teachers and students engage in meaningful conversations that support receptive and expressive language development and critical thinking skills. The trusting relationships formed between teachers and students are the secure base from which students develop confidence in their ideas, problem solving skills and risk taking in their creative learning. Free play, guided play, and game experiences with teachers and peers build crucial skills across all developmental areas that serve ongoing learning and prepare children for reading. In this deeply intentional language-rich community, children are not silenced -- quite the opposite -- they learn the value of listening, creating and want to be contributors.