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Setting Expectations High, and Helping Children Meet Them

Every child deserves a deep reading brain

When children come to us early - especially within the first year of life – literacy and confidence is developed. At the Katherine Hamm Center Preschool, we target language development and foundations for reading – offering our children a path to learning independence and success.

Each classroom is designed for enhanced listening, and applies the latest remote microphone technology to ensure children hear each and every speech sound in classroom instruction and conversation.  Children with typical hearing learn alongside their peers and act as conversational partners for their classmates.

The Atlanta Speech School builds the foundations for Deep Reading Brains and life-long learning. In each school and program, classrooms apply a model for building literacy foundations that is steeped in relationship, language acquisition, critical thinking and empathy - as developed by the Speech School in alignment with the latest neuro and social science.

It's hard to put into a few words just how much we love the Atlanta Speech School and in particular the Hamm Center. The love and education that the teachers show each child is second to none.  Every day when we drop our son off at the Hamm Center, we feel so blessed that our son is getting the education offered by this incredible school. Because of the amazingly talented teachers and staff, our son is blossoming. We’re grateful every day."

-Lana and Darren Tobin

History of Hamm

Katherine Hamm founded the Atlanta Speech School more than 85 years ago, when she moved to Atlanta from St. Louis. Her son, Ben, was deaf, and had learned to talk at a school in St. Louis. Armed with the knowledge of how language benefited her son, Katherine Hamm started her free school with the belief that every child should have that same opportunity: the unlocking of language.

Today, the Katherine Hamm Center continues that mission, helping each child find their voice. Many of our students and their families rely on the generosity and support of their community to access this learning, and we welcome you to join us in our mission to instill a lifetime of language in these students.

Classes Offered

Student/teacher ratio is kept low to provide each child with individualized attention.  

Children must be class age by September 1st